Woodmancote Forge

Kingstone, near Uttoxeter, Staffordshire ST14 8QW (click for map)

Decorative iron pieces made in Staffordshire using traditional blacksmithing techniques

Please contact Pat Robotham if you have any specific designs or requirements. We specialise in "one-offs".


Pokers and ash rakes

Log basket

Poker hanger

Fire dog/poker rest

Fire surround

Cottage fittings and handles

Door knockers and bell pulls


Hangers - kitchen utensils or curtains


Dinner gong

Herb Drier

Garden ornaments

Cooking tripod

Flower tower


Garden implements


Triangle doorbell


Motorcycle fittings

Velocette seat

Clutch pedal



Pat published his first novel, Scrap, in 2007. You can read it here. Based in the midlands, it follows the exploits of the people working in and around an old fashioned scrap yard.

Pat's latest novel is called Overkill and is available here. This is based in Wolverhampton and concerns the overreaction of authority to minor public disorder.

Pat's short story, The Chubb, based in Wolverhampton, follows the exploits of some of the characters developed in Scrap.

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