Woodmancote Forge decorative ironwork


Woodmancote Forge is located near Uttoxeter in the heart of rural Staffordshire. Woodmancote Forge specialises in small and medium sized functional objects made in the "Arts and Crafts " tradition of the early 20th century using traditional techniques.

The intention is to make useable objects for the 21st century that are decorative and have organic shapes. The range includes fireside items such as pokers, ashrakes, log baskets and hanging brackets, suitable for wood and coal burning. fire surrounds can be made to order by contacting pat@forgeman.co.uk. Cottage fittings, such as curtain rails, fire surrounds, doorknockers and handles, kitchen utility holders, towel holders, drawer handles, candle holders, etc.

Items can also be made to the customer's own design for the house and the garden. Please look at our complete range of stock and services.

Latest designs, products and commissions

Woodmancote Forge, situated near Uttoxeter in rural Staffordshire, specialises in the production of wrought iron pieces that are both functional and also decorative. The style of our work is that of a clean and simple design with enough decorative elements to make it interesting and pleasing to look at and to handle, but without falling into the trap of overdecorating for the sake of it. We feel that this is in keeping with the true values of "The Arts and Crafts” movement which we seek to emulate. These objects are made using traditional forging techniques to shape and join the metal. The smith, Pat Robotham, was trained by the well known arts blacksmith Bob Oaks of Cold Hanworth Forge in Lincolnshire.

One of the ranges of items in which we specialise, we call "The Hook It and Hang it" system, the basis for this system can be seen in the picture of the kitchen utensil holder and other current pieces, however it can be made to any length the produce curtain rails, kitchen paper and lavatory roll holders, doorknockers, etc. These are real craftsman-made, functional, household items, which, along with our pokers, rakes and hanging brackets, make up our "Forged Cottage Fittings"range.

In addition to these household and garden items, which are held in stock, larger commissioned pieces, such as fire surrounds and lamps can also be created. These can be done using the customers own design or by engaging in a “Design Discussion” with the blacksmith and proprietor, Pat Robotham. For really special unique pieces why not have some of your ideas interpreted into a genuine “Garden Sculpture”?

We also make a bespoke range of forged items for the vintage and veteran vehicle restorer. Some items need to be forged in order to get the greater strength that forged items have compared to fabricated ones. We can only do small batches of fairly small items such as the Auxilliary heel clutch shown as fitted to vintage Ariel motorcycles, and the seat frames made for the Works TT Velocettes.

Pat has also written two novels and a short story. These are mostly about life in the Midlands and are available here for you to enjoy free.


Pat has taken over the Vintage (Black) Ariel Spares Coordinator role on behalf of the AOMCC. Pictures and descriptions of all the items for sale are available here.